Lol, people who were pre season #TeamAlicia and #TeamValentina are either deleting their fanpages or switching to another badgirl…. that’s why I don’t choose my favorites when the girls’ pictures are released for the first time.

Alicia and Valentina are miserable ass bitches always complaining about other girls complaining!!! Valentina should have knocked Shannon the fuck out for calling her “Kunta Kinte”, but instead she threw some cereal at her…..but when little ass Janae isn’t having a good time in the house, she jumps her. WHAT A WEAK ASS BITCH. I didn’t really like Janae but she did not deserve that shit. I literally have no words to describe how much I loathe these weak, annoying delusional bitches. “WE RUN DIS HOUSE. WE BESTFRIENDS EVEN THO WE BEEN IN DA HOUSE FOR LIKE A WEEK OR SUMTHIN.” Oh ok.

Nicky, Stephanie and Paula are my favorites this season. They don’t have to fight and constantly claim they “run this house” to prove they’re bad girls.

I can’t wait to watch Nicky beat Valentinas giant Donkey ass. The few seconds I saw of her straight hitting that weak bitch in the head was beautiful. Brought a tear to my eye. :’)


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